The Optical Studio

All our frames carry a one year warranty and a lifetime of free adjustments. We have a wide range of frames for men, women and children, designed to suit varying styles and budgets. The designer brands we carry include Vogue, Michael Kors, Polo, Burberry, Coach, Nike and Ray-Ban. Because our goal is to include options for people on varying budgets-we also offer complete packages starting at $150. 

We strive to carry a large selection of frames for kids including Disney, Rayban, Nike and Polo Prep. Drop by our office and have a look for yourself! 


Shop Local

10 Reasons to Buy Your Glasses at East Gwillimbury Optometry

1.    We offer a large selection of frames and sunglasses that you can try on in store, to make sure you are going home with what looks and feels the best on your face. Our staff will help you find the perfect style, size, and color to fit your price and range. Frames start as low as $40 and go up to include models that are designer, durable, age appropriate and eyewear that is not discontinued within the company, as some retailers attempt to do. We are also always happy to order in the frame of your colour and/or design. We are up to date on the latest trends and restock our frame boards with the newest styles regularly. Can’t find a frame you like? We can put new lenses in your existing frames!

2.    You can be assured you’re getting great quality lenses and frames. We are confident that the products available to you will give you the clearest eyesight and excellent durability. Online vendors often use low quality products, because they assume that the customer cannot tell the difference. We will walk you through all the differences in lenses and options available to you. We want you to be happy with the frame and lens you choose, without having to pay for additional things you don’t need.

3.    Our staff ensures we get precise measurements of your eyes which we use to place your lens order. Online vendors do not have this option, so they have no way to ensure your prescription matches with your line of sight.

4.    We can bill your insurance company for you. Most online vendors and optical stores do not. We can check your benefits before you even come into the clinic and get payment directly from your insurance company.

5.    In addition to billing your insurance company directly, we will attempt to keep you in your plan maximum when purchasing your eyewear, ensuring you don’t pay anything out of pocket. We have package deals that include the frame and lenses for $150!

6.    Dropped your glasses? We provide a one-year warranty on all scratches/coating defects, provided there is no evidence of aggressive use.

7.    Can’t get used to your new prescription? If you find that you are not adjusting to your new eyewear, we will change the prescription, with our one–time lens redo, at no charge, within the first 3 months of purchase.

8.    We verify your lenses upon delivery, to check accuracy and make sure the proper prescription was administered. Most online vendors do not check your prescription, which leads to several errors.

9.    We offer a lifetime of adjustments and small repairs, at no extra charge. Our staff will accurately adjust and fit your eyewear to your face, and ensure they are as comfortable as possible. We have extra nose pads and screws in-store to accurately make adjustments to fix your frame. We only offer these adjustments on frames purchased from our clinic.

10.  Our Optometrists are available to review your eyewear needs and verify your vision if you have any difficulties adjusting to your new eyewear, free of charge. We are committed to making sure you love your eyewear!


Prescription Lenses


All our lenses come with premium anti-glare and scratch resistant coatings. Anti reflective coatings reduce the amount of glare that enters the eye and improves the cosmetic appearance of your lenses.




Ask us about transition lenses-these adaptive lenses turn dark when you step outdoors and are transparent when you are indoors. Transition lenses optimize the amount of light that reaches your eyes, going beyond vision correction, to reduce glare, eye fatigue and strain, for more effortless sight. They also block 100% UVA/B light.




When it comes to sunglasses, we strongly recommend polarized lenses. These lenses reduce reflected glare from flat surfaces such as long roads or the top of a lake. Colours look more vibrant, contrast and visual clarity is improved while reducing the need to squint in bright light.


Contact Lenses

After you have had your comprehensive eye exam our optometrist  will discuss contact lens options with you to determine which contact lenses suit your lifestyle and visual needs. We offer daily disposables, bi-weekly and monthly contacts, specialized contacts that can correct astigmatism and multifocal contacts that will enable you to achieve clear vision at different distances. If you do not require a prescription, we have cosmetic contact lenses that can change your eye colour.